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proCampus GmbH

Davenportplatz 12, Geb. 86,

67663 Kaiserslautern


Managing Director: Julia Germann

Telefonnummer: 0631 2054995

E-Mailadresse: info@procampus.de


– herafter referred to as „proCampus GmbH“ –

1. General/validity

These general terms and conditions are exclusively valid for contractual deliveries and services provided by the supplier, if contractually incorporated and not stated otherwise in the text of the offer.

2. Provisions and information on the conclusion of the contract

a) General

Any offers made by proCampus GmbH are made solely on the basis of a non-binding invitation by the customer to submit offers.

b) Orders and conclusion of contract

The customer selects a product and determines the order quantity per mouse click on the shopping cart.
In the shopping cart, (which can be reached at any time via a link) customers will be guided through the shopping process. Every step is explained, and necessary details are retrieved from the customer.

The order process is completed, when the customer confirms the order by clicking on „Place binding order“.

Herein lies the offer for the conclusion of a contract which can be accepted by proCampus GmbH within two working days.

proCampus GmbH will accept the offer, after sending an order confirmation, through separate confirmation of order or by submitting the order electronically.

The contract is concluded with the acceptance as beforementioned.

In derogation from the beforementioned, a contract is concluded if the order confirmation contains a payment request or if during or immediately after the ordering process the payment process is initiated or completed.

c) Conclusion of contract via phone, mail, fax or letter

If explicitly offered in the online shop, the conclusion of the contract via phone, mail, fax or letter takes place as follows:

The customer states verbally or in writing his binding intention to buy specific items of the goods offered in the online shop.

Therein lies the customer’s offer to conclude a contract, which can be accepted by proCampus GmbH within five days from the offer.

The offer is accepted by sending a delivery confirmation to the customer or by sending the items ordered. Herein lies the conclusion of the contract.

d) Storage and access to text of the contract

proCampus GmbH stores the text of the contract as well as the order information and provides the customer with a copy via email.

In doing so, proCampus GmbH provides the customer with the possibility to retrieve and save the text of the contract.

Access to the text of the contract – other than the terms displayed in the shop – is only possible for registered customers.

e) Identification and correction of input errors

In order to identify and correct input errors, customers are provided with a summary page during the ordering process by which customers are able to check and correct input errors. In addition, customers are able to correct input errors by using the “Back”-button of the browser.

f) Available languages

Contracts are written in German. If there is any doubt regarding the interpretation of individual provisions, the version in the German language alone shall prevail.

3. Prices and terms of payment

The prices specified at the time of the order are applicable. If ordering from abroad, the possibility that your bank or your country charges proCampus GmbH unknown fees or taxes, such as (import) duty or administrative fees for payment, cannot be excluded. This does not relate to costs paid or invoiced via proCampus GmbH.

proCampus GmbH accepts all methods of payment listed on the website. Not all payment methods may be available for certain products. proCampus GmbH invoices the customer for the goods ordered; the invoice is sent in text format to the customer at the latest on delivery of the goods.

The total purchase price of the goods ordered is immediately due and payable.

4. Delivery and delivery times

Deliveries are effected electronically.

Dates for deliveries can be accessed in the product specifications or separately in the online shop.

5. Right of withdrawal, premature expiration of the right of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal, if, on the conclusion of the contract, the customer is acting in exercise of his trade, business or profession and is therefore an entrepreneur in the sense of § 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

Furthermore, there is no right of withdrawal, if the contract

  • Is concluded for the delivery of goods, which are manufactured to customer specifications or have clearly been tailored for personal needs
  • Is concluded with consumers and the order is made from or sent to a country outside of the European Union
  • is subject to services related to leisure activities, if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance

6. Retention of title

The goods delivered by proCampus GmbH to the customer remain the property of proCampus GmbH until all secured receivables have been paid in full. 

7. Complaints procedure

The procedure at proCampus GmbH for handling complaints conforms to the requirements of professional diligence. According to this procedure, if the customers wish to submit a complaint, they can do so in writing or orally using any of the means of communication and addresses/numbers specified herein. Prompt processing of the complaint is guaranteed.

Please note that proCampus GmbH is neither willing nor obliged to take part in a dispute settlement procedure in front of a consumer arbitration board. 

8. Place of jurisdiction, choice of law

The place of jurisdiction for any disputes in connection with the supply transactions is the place of business of the supplier, if the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a separate fund under public law.

The contractual partners agree in respect of all legal relationships arising from this contractual relationship on the application of German law to the exclusion of the UN convention on the international sales of goods (CISG), unless a consumer is deprived of the protection afforded to him/her by mandatory provisions of the state in which he/she has his/her habitual residence.

In this case, the provisions of the state in which the consumer has his/her habitual residence shall prevail.

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